23 June 2012


Just a quick warning first – this may not be for the faint hearted or very young!  It is a cautionary tale for adults – if you have offspring refusing to stop sucking their thumbs then try not to take your aversion therapy too far! There must be a less bloody cure for thumb sucking than this, after all!

This is the story of Tilly who, like any pretty girl in a gothic horror fairy tale, has an evil stepmother.  The stepmother threatens her with the monster Suckablood if she insists on sucking her thumb again. What happens next is, well, that’s up to you to find out!

Written and directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy and produced by Ben Franklin (yet another American President founding father in on the horror act, it seems), Suckablood is the fifth and latest of what is planned to be thirteen installments in a horror anthology known as Bloody Cuts – and you can find the previous four on the team’s eponymous website. You can also join their Facebook Page if it takes your fancy!

Just in case you feel disinclined to go and see the rest of them (and have got this far without watching the short film), take note! None other than Stephen Fry has donated to the making of this short horror. Fry, who was impressed with the previous four installments (which all work as standalone shorts), put something in to the hat of the filmmakers to help them get through the production costs of such an ambition series (full story here). Nice one Stephen! So, go on, watch the rest and scare yourself (or younger persons of the household) silly.