26 February 2021

The Most Beautiful Land-based Casinos in Scandinavia

Land-based casinos are physical gambling premises. Caesar's Palace located in Las Vegas and the Grosvenor Casino, found in the UK are good examples of land-based casinos. 

Critical features to some of the best casinos around include casino games, fun and exciting offers, licensing, and customer support. Let's also not forget the vibe, thrill, and energy that greets you the moment you walk through the doors.

Before continuing, we want to take a moment to give massive credit to Chris Haagensen. Aside from him being a job training specialist, he's also a freelancer and writer. His writing pieces have made informative articles, such as these, possible.


Norweigian casinos have established themselves online. Sites such as norske bettingsider give information on online gambling and betting. They also provide suggestions on some of the best online casinos in Norway that one can find.

Let's take a look at land-based casinos, particularly ones in Scandinavia. Scandinavia finds itself in Northern Europe, covering 3 kingdoms: Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, thus covering a large area in land-based casinos in Scandinavia*.

History, historic buildings, churches, and fun activities form part of the home to Scandinavia. You need to take advantage of their activities such as hiking, viking, cycling, wildlife adventures, and coastal scenery*. With modern art and architecture, Scandinavia reigns supreme. It shows that the sub-region has a lot more to offer in line with a great experience.

Top breathtaking casinos in Scandinavia

According to Lexology, land-based casinos are not allowed in Norway. So, Sweden and Denmark have the most breathtaking gambling spaces. Norway has made its mark by establishing an online presence.

Looking into land-based gambling Scandinavia, the most talked-about establishments are:

  • Casino Cosmopol, Sweden
  • Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Casino Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Casino Odense in Odense, Denmark
  • Casino Marienlyst, Helsingor, Denmark

Characteristics that make these popular casinos stand out

Features that stand out to making these casinos the most popular include:

  • Games: These casinos are top-rated for their many games, especially in slot machines. Casino Odense is an exception.
  • Tournaments: Casino Cosmopol is well known for its regular hosting of poker tournaments.
  • Popularity: Casino Cosmopol is a popular destination for people visiting Norway and Sweden.
  • Breathtaking establishment: Popular casinos known for their most beautiful establishments are Casino Copenhagen. Casino Odense is the most breathtaking establishment in Denmark. Casino Marienlyst is one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe.
  • Massive bonuses and promotions: Casino Copenhagen shines in this.
  • Peaceful scenery: Casino Copenhagen sings praises for this trait. Casino Odense is also famous for hosting some of the friendliest staff in Denmark.
  • Heritage: Casino Marienlyst is the oldest casino in Denmark

Most Scandinavia casinos are known for their restaurants. Aside from the thrill, it's good to take a moment to enjoy. 

So it's clear that being a famous and beautiful building is more than bonuses and winning package deals. The experience lies in the relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, and experience. Let's not forget the food as well. You're playing for keeps, so why not make it memorable?

Another thing about most Scandinavian casinos is that they stand alone. Most casinos in the United Kingdom and the United States go hand in hand with a resort or hotel. There are no complimentary add-ons to persuade customers to visit the place. It's all about the experience.


Experience is everything, and more. The Scandinavian beauty goes far beyond jackpots and big wins. History, heritage, experience, and breathtaking establishments are vital factors that have won many of the people that have visited.

If there's a place to be, it's here. And be sure to check out the other fun and exciting activities you can do in the sub-region.

25 February 2021

Let’s Go Home

You don’t realize how overused a phrase is until it is laid out in front of you.  One of the major culprits (if you can call it that) is let’s go home.  Perhaps it has been rather lazily used over the decades but it now serves as an oral trigger to audiences to indicate movement in storylines. Matt McGee has put this great selection together and – unlike some we can mention – has done us the favor of putting the name of the movie in the bottom left corner.  Thanks, Matt!


After crash-landing on a desolate planet, a lone space explorer must find a way to make her new home habitable. This intrepid character displays courage, passion, determination, and curiosity as she transforms the barren landscape she has found into a beautiful planet. Singer Imogen Heap developed an original soundtrack that wraps the audience in Dolby Atmos sound, unveiling the lead character’s changing emotions as she faces the challenges of a dark, disturbed landscape and persists to transform it into a place of joy and delight.


This film is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and tells the story of a world built on a mechanised system that favours only some. It follows two characters whose lives seem predetermined by this system and the circumstances they were born into.The film was made for the international launch of AIME, a charity organisation on a mission to make a fairer world by creating equality in the education system.

Storseisundet - The Bridge to Nowhere

Nervous drivers (and their equally nervous passengers) beware! You should really prepare yourselves for the sight of Storseisundet Bridge in Norway. The road connection from the mainland Romsdal peninsula to the island of Averøya in Møre og Romsdal county doesn’t look as if it actually connects as you drive towards it. In fact it looks very much as if you are in for an icy bath as you plummet off its 23 meters height.

17 February 2021

Maleo - The Bird That Can Fly The Moment it Hatches

Beneath the red hot sand of an Indonesian island something stirs. A large egg is hatching and soon the newborn creature will dig its way out to the surface and take its first gulps of fresh air. Yet no parent watches over it. This sounds as if it should be a young turtle, thrusting its flippers sideways as it makes its desperate lurch towards the ocean. It is not, however. This is a bird. More remarkable still is that when it emerges the chick will already be able to fly.

This is the Maleo.  You can read more about its extraordinary way of life over at our sibling site, the Ark in Space.

Warsaw: 24 Hour Timelapse

The Polish capital, Warsaw, here gets the timelapse treatment, with something of a difference.  Film-maker Maciej Margas gets up high in the city and shoots his film from buildings such as Cosmopolitan, Złota 44, Marriott, Millennium Plaza, Rondo 1, and the tower of the Saint Augustine's Church.  The result is a compelling portrait of one of Europe’s most intriguing and historic capital cities.

How Will You Die?

This is a question that, if you have a Facebook account, you may be confronted with every day thanks to your news feed and depending on the general silliness of your friends and acquaintances.  However, this animation by Steve Cutts (created for NPR originally) is not a daft quiz, gets to the point within seconds and – with great comedic bluntness – tells you how you will really die.

The Lanterns of the Dead

At some point in the early part of the 12th century, people in the center and west of France began to erect strange constructions – effectively hollow towers with a hole for a lantern at the top - near or in their village graveyards (and before you ask, most were nowhere near the sea).  Although many were moved or destroyed during the revolution, about a hundred survive to this day.  Known as Lanterns of the Dead (Lanternes des Morts) their precise original use is still debated.  However, there are a number of theories surrounding these unusual and enigmatic constructions.

Fenioux - Images

Amazing Cancelled Advert for Chinese Short-term Rent Online Service

In China there is a short-term rent online service called Xiao Zhu (Small Pig) – think of it as the equivalent of Airbnb.  Commercial director Matthias Zentner (of Velvet) landed the advertising project for the company but – and after you watch this video you will scratch your head too – at the last minute, once everything was complete the client decided not to use this as their campaign.

The premise is promising as we have all stayed in hotels that have turned in to a nightmare.  Here, a guest decides to defenestrate himself in order to escape the horrors within – and we are shown them all as we enter different rooms and climb up the floors of this dramatic hotel from hell setting.  The guests and staff are frozen in a moment but certain elements still move.  Dante would probably add this to his circles of hell if he was still around.

Throw in a rather unique version of Time to Say Goodbye (fortunately, with translation) and you have something bizarre, perhaps grotesque but utterly riveting.  Admit it, you watched it to the end, didn’t you?

13 February 2021


Imagine if we lived in a world where, when we took shine to someone, a flame would light up in a chest cavity.  It might lead to some awkward situations or, conversely, it might also make things a lot easier for those of us with a shyer disposition.  Our hero in this story falls in to the latter category but he doesn’t seem to be having much luck (at least to begin with) in this lovely animated short by Jacob Mann and Ashley Anderson, who created this at Ringling College.

A Thousand Words

Sometimes a film can say in three minutes what others struggle to say in two hours. A Thousand Words is one of those: reminiscing over old photographs, a terminally ill husband and his wife struggle with taking what could be their last photograph together. Starring Michael Chwastiak and Alison Myers-Gomez., the touching and poignant A Thousand Words was written, directed and produced by Larica Perera.

Dance For Your Life, Puny Human

At least we now know what has happened to all of those people abducted by aliens over the years. They are taken to participate in a particularly lethal competition against a dancebot which just seems to win, whoever is put up against him.  For this particularly unballetic human specimen, things are not looking good in this animated short directed by Justin Connolly who should be snapped up by Aardman (or the likes) immediately.

Frost Flowers: Beautiful but Rare Wonders of Nature

Frost Flowers
Back in 2012 we published a feature about frost flowers - you can read the original here (which includes all the science!).  Created in the autumn or early winter, the frost flower is a morning phenomenon.  Ice is pushed through in extremely thin layers through the stems of plants, creating and astounding whirl of beautiful patterns.  We thought we would take a look and see whether any new frost flowers had been caught on camera since then.  We weren’t disappointed.  So here is a collection for you, embedded from the photographers' pages on Flickr.
Ice Flowers

11 February 2021


A group of students at the Columbus College of Art & Design were recently given a rather neat assignment.  Under the guidance of their tutor Adam Osgood they were asked to create an animated short visualizing various elements from the periodic table.  Each student was given six seconds to animate their chosen elements and the most compelling were included in the finished piece above.  Like I said, neat (now there’s a word which needs to be brought back fully in to the language!).


When two young gods fall out the consequences for life on earth can be... apocalyptic! This very entertaining animated short was created by a group of students at Supinfocom Valenciennes in 2015 and, after the festival runs, has recently been released on to the internet.

For anyone interested in animation, Greek legend and dinosaurs, this is a must!

If You Have Never Wanted to Visit Madrid, You Will after You Watch This

Truth be told I have always felt sorry for Madrid – what with Valencia and Barcelona also in Spain it is almost like being a woman with two younger, more beautiful sisters always around to remind you… My own personal opinion aside, we have featured a number of hyperlapse and timelapse videos by Kirill Neiezhmakov on Kuriositas in the past – and for one very good reason: his work is always superlative. So, older sister Madrid, step out of the shadows in to the light!

Haenyo – The Indomitable Diving Grandmas of Jeju Island

The calm of the shoreline is interrupted by a whistling noise. Then, a strange, sleek shape breaks the surface of the Korean Strait, clasping its quarry. Yet there is no need to call David Attenborough just yet – this is no strange new species of seal. In fact, it’s an elderly lady; one of the indomitable diving grandmas of Jeju Island.

They call themselves haenyo (pronounced hen-yuh), which literally means sea women and the whistling sound they made preceding their exit from the depths is called sumbisori. They are representative of a centuries old tradition, one which transformed their island in to a functioning matriarchy but a way of life which today is in danger of disappearing forever.

7 February 2021

How to Make an Apple Swan - A Fruity Hyperlapse

If you have ever wondered how amazing fruit sculptures are made then perhaps this hyperlapse is a good place to start – with an apple swan.  You can see how it is cut, carved and created in less than a minute.

A Bird’s Flight over Romania

I imagine you’ve always wanted to soar over Romania (specifically) like a bird so now here is your opportunity.  Take flight (courtesy of GRTA Studio and its DJI Phantom 3 4K.  My second favorite part of this video is where the fisherman looks up from his boat as the drone passes overhead. The best part?  The awesomeness that is the wibbly wobbly Transalpina road, the first time I have seen it like this. Fantastic.

Can We Colonize Mars?

The history of human migration shows that when we find somewhere we can live, then some people inevitably go there.  The same may probably be true of other planets.  Yet we, as a species, has never gone further than the moon. What of Mars? In this video in the Further series which explores how humanity and science intersects, former NASA Astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman discusses the mysteries of Mars, and the potential for human colonization.

The Red Elephants of Kenya

Yes, these elephants are red. The Ark in Space has their story, together with a great collection of photographs. You may have seen pink elephants on parade before but these red ones are for real. If you have guessed the reason for their rather rubicund appearance you might want to check if you have got it right! Pop over to the Ark in Space to see the red elephants of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Image Credit Flickr User Marius Kucharczyk

The Twisted Trees of Slope Point

This is Slope Point. It is the southernmost tip on New Zealand's South Island. The airstreams loop the vast circumpolar Southern Ocean unobstructed for 2000 miles and then they smash into land. Here. They are so persistent and so violent that the trees are perpetually warped and twisted into these crooked, windswept shapes.

Unsurprisingly, no-one lives at Slope Point.  Yet like virtually everywhere else in New Zealand you will find sheep in abundance.  Even these hardy creatures need some shelter from the elements and so, decades ago, local farmers planted saplings which they hoped would afford their animals some respite from the often savagely inclement weather.