17 February 2021

Amazing Cancelled Advert for Chinese Short-term Rent Online Service

In China there is a short-term rent online service called Xiao Zhu (Small Pig) – think of it as the equivalent of Airbnb.  Commercial director Matthias Zentner (of Velvet) landed the advertising project for the company but – and after you watch this video you will scratch your head too – at the last minute, once everything was complete the client decided not to use this as their campaign.

The premise is promising as we have all stayed in hotels that have turned in to a nightmare.  Here, a guest decides to defenestrate himself in order to escape the horrors within – and we are shown them all as we enter different rooms and climb up the floors of this dramatic hotel from hell setting.  The guests and staff are frozen in a moment but certain elements still move.  Dante would probably add this to his circles of hell if he was still around.

Throw in a rather unique version of Time to Say Goodbye (fortunately, with translation) and you have something bizarre, perhaps grotesque but utterly riveting.  Admit it, you watched it to the end, didn’t you?