Welcome to Kuriositas Still love the old marquee tab ...

Where was I? Ah, yes! Welcome to Kuriositas — a website I founded in March 2010 as an outlet for my need to write about the things I consider worth pointing out to others and say "Hey, look at that!"

When asked what the site is about I usually reply "Art, and science, and all the interesting bits in-between."

I do welcome contributions from others — please do browse a bit and get an idea what Kuriositas is, prior to sending any material.

An article about how to care for a pet hamster isn’t going to cut the mustard. However, one about a pet robot hamster who paints for a hobby — that might just do.

Get in touch via email at taliesyn30@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

RJ Evans
Chief dish and bottle washer @ Kuriositas

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