20 March 2010

Steven Moffat - Executive Producer of Doctor Who Talks About The New Season

Executive Producer and Head Writer of the new season of Doctor Who, David Moffat, gave a lengthy interview this morning on the BBC's flagship breakfast programme.  Although he doesn't give away any spoilers as such this man is not as ubiquitous as his predecessor Russel T Davies and it is nice to see the writer of the classic episode Blink talking about his work on the show, as well as the recent work he has done with Steven Spielberg on the upcoming TinTin movie.

As the UK braces itself for the premier episode of the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith, there are a few tantalising glimpses of the new series here.  Moffat describes the new Doctor as an elegant shambles, which does sound well within the spirit of the show.  The importance of the first episode cannot be underestimated - the show will sink or swim on Smith's performance in that first fifty minutes.  No pressure, then.