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Where was I? Yes, welcome to Kuriositas.  It is a young site and one which I started up in March 2010 as an outlet for my need (possibly compulsion) to write about the stuff I think is worth pointing out to others and say Hey, look at that!  It is eclectic, then, which reflects my own tastes – and I hope yours too.

When asked (rarely, to be completely honest) what the site is about I usually reply Art, science and all the interesting bits in-between. Oh - and I don't do this full-time.  I have a job in the real world [stifled sob]. Don't feel too sorry for me, though - I love it, really.

I would welcome contributions from others, but please do get an idea what Kuriositas is about before you email me!  Obviously, a link to your article about how to care for your pet hamster isn’t going to cut Kuriositas’ particular mustard. However, a link to your article about your pet robot hamster who paints for a hobby might!   You can get in touch with me here

So, I look forward to hearing from you!

RJ Evans
(Chief dish and bottle washer, Kuriositas)

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