28 February 2016

Otto Lilienthal’s First Film

Back in 1891 Otto Lilienthal became the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights.  However, film was not an option (it was in its infancy to say the least) but he was certainly photographed from many angles. Now, finally, we can get a real feeling of what his flights looked like. Johannes Hogebrink saw something special, used a very modern version of cut and paste and created this amazing record of Lilienthal’s ‘first film’.  Extremely cool.

24 February 2016


Ed is an extraordinary rabbit, as you will see.  He has lived, he has loved: he has gone to war and discovered ancient cities.  Yet Ed wants to end it all.  You will want to know why after the first few seconds of this amazing animated short by hype.cg, a studio specialising in digital content that uses forefront technology to create art, images and animations.  Thought-provoking animation at its very  best.

21 February 2016

Should the United Kingdom Leave the European Union? Take Part in our Poll

Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union?  That’s going to be the major question asked up and down the constituent parts of the country in the run up to the referendum in June.  However, we don’t have to wait that long.  Our friends over at Teaching and Learning Resources for Me have set up this little poll thanks to a new-ish feature on YouTube.

It’s supposed to be a student poll but we won’t tell if you don’t! Plus, even if you don’t live in the United Kingdom you can vote.  As for age – pah!  Get your two year old to click yes or no if you like!  We’ll give you the full results in a few weeks.  As of the first day, however, 60% are saying we should leave and 40% staying.

20 February 2016

Every Best Visual Effects Winner. Ever.

The folks at Burger Fiction can always be relied on to come up with something special and this is no exception. If you want to see how visual effects have improved over the decades then you need to look no further than this – a glimpse of each and every Oscar winner since the Award for Special Effects (under its various guises) was first started way back in 1927.

19 February 2016

The Shepherd

Formerly a streetwise orphan, Asmita has her world turned upside down when she meets Isaac, a reclusive shepherd who lives with a flock of very peculiar sheep deep in the Himalayan mountains. As they spend time together, Asmita begins to see hints of a deeper secret, and before long she finds herself swept up in a battle between worlds that will put her face-to-face with an extraterrestrial invader.

Tuba Atlantic

How on earth does a short film about a dying old man and his enormous (musical) instrument get to be Oscar nominated.  By being Tuba Atlantic, that’s how.  Directed by Hallvar Witzø, it tells the story of 70 year old Oskar.  By that age we all know that the end is nigh-ish.

However for Oskar it’s in six days, according to his doctor.  The old Norwegian only has this time to make things up with his brother who he last heard from three decades previously.  To make matters more complicated he is visited by a well-meaning angel of death, Inger.  And then there’s the seagulls…