25 June 2022

Hitachi Seaside Park – Tsunami Survivor

The Miharashi No Oka hill offers visitors the sight of the panoramic splendor of the Pacific Ocean. Yet it is not the sea views that people come to see in Hitachinaka, a small city on the east coast of Japan. It is the Hitachi Seaside Park, devastated by the tsunami of 2011 but now restored to its former, somewhat bizarre, glory.

The park is not large, it covers only 3.5 hectares yet the flowers draw people from all over the Ibaraki prefecture and beyond. There is something on offer all seasons. It is truly famous for the nemophilas which wash the whole area in to a blue hue.

King Kills

A spoiled young prince embarks on a hunting trip.  What awaits him is an encounter with the spirit of the forest and a decision which will change his life forever.  This beautifully made animated short was created by a group of students at the Russian State University of Cinematography.  The story is not complex but the aesthetics of the piece make it one to remember…

Elwood's Ark

Water is something that everyone can relate to. Yet we rarely think about where it comes from, and how far its ancient molecular cocktail has travelled, to be here with us in this small moment - or how it will exist long after we're gone. For Elwood's Ark, Tilt wanted to create a short film that would approach the subject of water’s journey, and our fragile relationship with it, putting into perspective human existence in the vastness of time and space.

High Velocity Aerial Filming Like You’ve Never Seen Before

This will probably make you dizzy so don’t so you weren’t warned! Aerial filming recently took a giant leap forward when Swedish aerial specialist, Peter Degerfeldt at Blue Sky  challenged Gyro-stabilized Systems in Grass Valley, US, to build a GSS 520 5 axis system that would produce rock solid images at a speed of more than 300 knots per hour. Blue Sky’s client, the Swedish company Saab Defence and Security, required high end motion and stills for their multirole fighter Gripen. Normally, all stabilization systems on the market are approved for helicopters, and thus a speed of maximum 125 knots per hour. Saab required at least 300 knots for their filming and stills projects. Here is the result – and it’s breathtaking.

18 June 2022

How to Write Faster and Better

When students write their essays and other papers, they commonly face a lot of problems. One of their worst “eternal” enemies is time. The main problem is the deadlines, which are set for every assignment. You have to submit your papers by a certain date, or you will lose many grades. Thus, students have to speed up their writing. Simultaneously, they risk lowering the quality of writing because they hurry. Accordingly, they have to improve their speed and quality at the same time.

Some students try to solve these issues with the help of custom writing services. For instance, you can buy essay at Domypapers.com without overpayments. This is a highly reputed writing agency, which easily solves all your academic issues very fast and sets relatively cheap prices. It is a great solution to most of your pains, including the speed and quality of writing. Nonetheless, it does not mean you should overuse professional online help. Try to improve the speed and quality of writing on your own. This informative guide highlights several effective methods to reach that aim.

Practice Free Writing

You can use one of the most popular and effective writing techniques. It is freewriting, and it helps to improve your skills and enlarge your knowledge. Its principle is very simple. Select a random topic and cover it. Reread in a few hours to be sure it has no drawbacks. If you find some, rewrite it until the essay is perfect.

Repeat this procedure every day. Cover at least one new topic. Of course, you should try to write various essay types. Thus, you’ll learn various topics.

Set Timers

As you want to speed up your writing, you should compete with time. It can be done by setting timers when you write your papers. For example, you may give yourself 30 minutes to cover a certain topic. Afterward, cover it again but decrease the time limit to 25 minutes. It is also crucial to set timers for every assignment given by your educators. Thus, you will be focused and will not delay for too long.

Get Rid of Distractions

Many students delay their writing and procrastinate because they are busy with non-academic activities. They are called distractions, and they come in various forms. These are as follows:

       Surfing social media platforms;

       Playing video games;

       Exchanging messages with friends;

       Watching TV-shows;

       Talking on the phone and so on.

Find the Right Location

At times, students write too long because they are surrounded by someone who is noisy. Other people may not care about your academic progress, even if you ask them to be silent. That is why you should find a special peaceful place to learn. When no one annoys you, the process will run faster, and you will write much better.

Apply Learning Apps

You can sufficiently boost your execution time if you apply special learning apps. Give special heed to grammar checkers and editors. They help to revise and get rid of all the mistakes you make and commonly omit. When you install and use them, you can detect the next errors:





       Word choice;


       Lexicon, etc.

These apps scan the entire text in a few seconds and underline all the drawbacks. By clicking on them, you will also see suggested corrections. This benefit helps to save a lot of precious time. You do not even have to think about how to correct the errors because you have the answers.

Mind that you do not even have to pay for those apps. You can find a lot of free tools and so get academic support without spending a dollar. They run fast and smoothly on various gadgets.

Get Qualified Help Online

If you need time to improve your writing and time management skills, you surely require fast help at the moment. A reliable writing platform has 200-400 certified experts and so you will definitely find someone suitable for your academic needs.

Your writer will be competent and able to satisfy all your needs precisely as you want. You can contact him or her directly. He or she can write all essay types, as well as any other piece of writing:


       Term and/or research paper;


       Case study;

       Lab report;


       Book review, etc.

Of course, you can count on all kinds of academic skills. All writers offer writing, editing, outlining, quoting, rewriting, and other skills. As there are hundreds of them, you will surely find a helper in all academic directions.

Wrapping Up

The speed of writing is very important, but it must be combined with quality. Do not speed up if you are not sure that you can write high-quality text. Use our smart tips and read a lot to learn the best writing strategies for all assignment types.

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12 June 2022

The Abandoned Giant Chicken Church of Java

Due west of Borobudur in central Java in Indonesia, a strange and somewhat bewildering sight rises above the forest canopy.  Now abandoned, this church was built to represent the Christian dove but all the locals refer to it as the giant chicken church – and you can see why.  This brilliant footage was captured by ThreatLevel11 who only had a single battery pack left when this most strange edifice revealed itself – so bravo for the excellent views.

Ecdysis: When Growing Up is More than Skin Deep

Our sibling site, the Ark in Space, has a feature today about Ecdysis.  No, it’s not the latest strangely named Hollywood science fiction blockbuster, it’s something that many invertebrates go through.  Taken from the ancient Greek the word means, literally, to strip off.  It leaves behind an exuviae (often spelled with the final e omitted) which is the remains of the exoskeleton which has been shed, often with related structures still attached. For some invertebrates it can be a regular occurrence to facilitate growth.  For others it can be part of a series of instars which culminate in the emergence of the finished, adult form.

It is a fascinating process where beauty can be found in the grotesque. For these invertebrates, the process of growing up is far more than simply skin deep. Catch the whole feature over on Ark in Space.

The Pigeon, the Antenna and Me: Robert Wilson

There are always pigeons willing to get in the way… Radio-astronomer Robert Wilson recalls a pair of pigeons who almost thwarted the discovery of cosmic background radiation. Wilson’s discovery, “the echo of the big bang”, earned him a share of the 1978 Nobel Prize in physics. This little slice of avian (not to mention scientific) history was Illustrated and animated by Dog & Rabbit's Joanna Boyle with sound by Nigel Manington.

Royal Flush

Some jobs will never change and the role of the pest controller, although enhanced by new technologies, will probably remain simple: locate the pest and exterminate it.  In this exceptionally well realised student film by Sarah Amrani, Aline Lesage and Lucy Vallin, two such men go about their business.  It isn’t exactly optimistic about our attitudes towards other life forms but considering our track record at home…

9 June 2022

Guide to a secure & successful offshore online casino experience

In recent times, gambling sites have gained a lot of popularity because they provide gamers with a more convenient option to classic gambling that are located in brick-and-mortar buildings. Although Land based casinos try their utmost in keeping customers interested in them returning to the casino, such as offering drinks, bonuses, nice furniture, comfortable seats, and cool doors, people still opt to gamble online through their laptop or mobile phone. The possibility to engage at any time and from any place, the availability of a large selection of games, and the presence of a range of bonus offers and promotional opportunities are just a few of the numerous benefits that come with participating in gambling activities at internet casinos. There is always something to do at an internet casino, regardless of whether they are a seasoned pro or are just starting out in the casino world.

However, you first must establish faith in yourself before you could even enroll yourself at an online casino. There is a wide variety of options available to gamblers, including online casinos and betting websites. It can sometimes come as a surprise how difficult it is to identify people who can be trusted.

What is the name of the most trustworthy online casino? What is the most effective method for me to determine who may be trusted and who should be avoided? These are the kinds of inquiries that anyone who is considering dabbling in the world of online casinos ought to give some thought to.

Where To Find an Offshore Sportsbook?

Before choosing a sportsbook to wager at, one should do thorough research on the best ones in the market. Not only would this give them an opportunity to place wagers, but it would also mean that the information that you provide to the casino would be safe. Doing our own research we came across a reliable and up-to-date shortlisted offshore casino operators list 2022 with very important information for you to be able to choose your next offshore sportsbook.

Risks of Playing at a Non-Reputable Gambling Establishment

It is essential that we have a solid understanding of what can take place in the event that we are unable to discern whether or not a casino can be trusted before we go on to discussing how to do so.

All of these concerns may be summed up in a single phrase, which is as follows: It opens the door for identity thieves and cybercriminals to obtain people's information as well as their credit card details. In the future, this could result in someone stealing your identification or financial damage.

Phishing attacks are something that frequently happen to online casinos. Phishing refers to the fraudulent practice of constructing a site that looks remarkably similar to that of legitimate casinos. Customers are misdirected to this website rather than the intended one, and any data that they submit while they are there is secretly captured.

Gambling at a dodgy casino comes with a number of risks, one of which is the potential for unending delays. After you've finally played, you head over to the withdrawal area. The casino insists that there really is a holdup and has done nothing except offer explanations during the past few months. They are banking on the fact that you would either overlook it or give up, so allowing criminals to get away with what they have done.

Licensing Is The Key Concern

The licensing and regulation of online casinos should be within the purview of an international regulatory body. Such organizations include, for instance, Malta, Gibraltar, and the several gambling regulatory agencies located in the United Kingdom. Before an online casino can go active, the provider first must receive permission from a regulatory body.

They will determine whether or not the most cutting-edge data encryption technologies are being utilized. In addition to this, they look into the integrity of the casino's games as well as the safety of its various payment methods. Should everything be in order, they will allow the casino to begin operations.

People are able to validate a casino's operating license by inspecting the sticker that is affixed to the bottom of the page.

Keep a Close Eye Out For Independent Audits

Additionally, certification can be attained through a variety of different third-party organizations. Auditing companies such as iTechlabsm, TST Global, and eCOGRA examine the games offered in online casinos to guarantee that they are played in a fair and unbiased manner. It is common practice for them to investigate other aspects of a casino before approving and licensing it.

Take a Look At The Website's URL

Check to see that the address of the casino's website is correct. In their attempts to commit phishing, cybercriminals frequently employ errors that are all too widespread as the domain name. In addition to this, you should check to see if the website's URL starts with "HTTPS." There is a big difference between “HTTP” and “HTTPS”. The letter 'S' indicates that the connection being used is secure and encrypted.

If a casino satisfies all 3 of such requirements, then they can unequivocally claim to be genuine and trustworthy.

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5 June 2022

How an Astronomer advanced the Continental Drift Theory

Why are there oceans and why are there continents?  Between 1906 and 1908 Alfred Wegener went on an expedition to the high arctic, doing experiments which had never been done before while trying his best to survive at the same time. As unlikely as it sounds he became the scientist (and he wasn't even a geologist) behind the theory of continental drift. Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck have the story.

The Lifeboat Game Set in Space

The SS Hartnell is in trouble – it has been hit by a comet and most of the people on board have been killed.  However, the captain has managed to get ten of them to a space lifeboat.  Here’s the problem, though, only five of the ten can be saved as food and oxygen will run out before rescue arrives.  Which of these five would you save?

This is something I created for my real world job, in which I teach 16-18 year olds.  I thought I would share to show you that it isn’t sheer laziness which stops me from posting to Kuriositas every day but that I do, in fact, have one or two other things to do.  I particularly enjoyed making this and it has had a good reaction from my students.  The funny thing is, I have now done it with three different classes not one of which has come up with the same five people to save.  So, over to you! Which people would you save?


I have no idea how Kamiel Rongen does this but he creates audiovisual landscapes by using water and lots of different materials. Once that is done he makes the music to go along with the video. The result is bizarre, mesmerizing and quite simply amazing. I normally say something like don’t try this at home at this point, with tongue fairly firmly in cheek. I think I mean it this time..!

Waiting for the Gods

Waiting for the Gods is an experimental docufiction written and directed by Natalie Welsh and Alessandro Bertelle, and produced by Fabrica.

Nestled in the Swiss mountains lies Jungfrau Park, the monumental embodiment of Erich von Däniken’s Ancient Alien Theory. Däniken is the controversial author of 55 books that question the history of mankind and the influence of extra-terrestrials on the world’s ancient mysteries. Although Däniken’s enigmatic character lends itself to criticism easily his theories have gained worldwide recognition. The park visualizes an alternative history that asks its visitors, what do they really believe in.


Things get out of hand in the toy shop!  This animated short by Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste has labor of love stamped all over it.  A pair of armagedrones rampage through the toy shop, thanks to the machinations of a couple of pesky kids and force the owners to chase them frantically through the aisles where their universe collides with his and that of his customers.  There are numerous cheeky film references here – how many can you spot?

The Hórreo - Singular Symbol of Spain

If you travel through north eastern Spain the chances are that you will see something like above structure, pictured in Ourense in Galicia. Known as hórreo and often centuries old, these structures served a vital purpose for the local communities. Can you guess what they were for?