5 June 2022

The Lifeboat Game Set in Space

The SS Hartnell is in trouble – it has been hit by a comet and most of the people on board have been killed.  However, the captain has managed to get ten of them to a space lifeboat.  Here’s the problem, though, only five of the ten can be saved as food and oxygen will run out before rescue arrives.  Which of these five would you save?

This is something I created for my real world job, in which I teach 16-18 year olds.  I thought I would share to show you that it isn’t sheer laziness which stops me from posting to Kuriositas every day but that I do, in fact, have one or two other things to do.  I particularly enjoyed making this and it has had a good reaction from my students.  The funny thing is, I have now done it with three different classes not one of which has come up with the same five people to save.  So, over to you! Which people would you save?