31 March 2022

Ways to make sure you optimise your experience at the online casino

How to Compare the Best Casinos Online

With 10 of the best online casinos that payout in the USA to choose from, how do you decide which platform is right for you? We’ll cover the most important factors you should consider when picking the best casino sites.

Best US Online Casinos: Game Selection & Software

One of the best places to start when choosing an online casino is to look at the variety of games they have. Online casinos differ widely in how many slots, table games, and poker games they offer, as well as whether or not they regularly host tournaments.

Best Live Online Casinos

Some online casinos like Bovada and Ignition allow you to play table games with a live dealer over video. The experience is as close as you can get to sitting at a blackjack or roulette table live and in person while still playing from the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in one of the best live casinos, be sure to see what games are available to play with a live dealer. In some cases, you’ll even find multiple tables with different stakes. Bovada, for example, boasts 31 different live table games for its patrons to enjoy. Before placing any bets one should do some research in order to find a reliable and trustworthy site, a great source of information is the in-depth guide of the top real money online casino sites by the experts on Basketballinsiders, highlighting the best online casinos for US players in 2022, along with detailed reviews, comparisons, bonus offers, and more!

Best USA Online Casinos for fast Payments

Moving money into and out of your online casino account should be simple. That’s why all of the best online casinos in the USA accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. In addition, many accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can check out our guides to Ethereum casinos, Litecoin casinos and Bitcoin Cash casinos. If you’re looking for the best PayPal casinos, you can try Bovada – it accepts MatchPay, which is compatible with PayPal.

User Experience at the Best Online Casinos

Another important aspect to consider when choosing an online casino is the user experience. Playing slots, blackjack, or virtual poker should be as seamless as possible.

That starts with how the available games are laid out – it should be easy to navigate through different categories of games or to search for your favourite table. The games themselves also need to be easy to play from your computer or smartphone; they need to run smoothly, and be fair, too – always check to see how often the game you’re playing pays out.

All of the sites mentioned in our top 10 cover the bases mentioned above. However, because this site can claim the likes of Atlantic Treasures (93% RTP), Codename: Jackpot (93%), and Caesar's Empire (95% RTP) among its titles and is certainly one of the best payout online casinos, we personally enjoyed Cafe Casino – certainly for the slots experience at any rate. During quarantine, online betting made a hit as people were betting money from the comfort of their home, making online casino apps one of the best things to spend money on.

Best Mobile Casino Apps

Many of the best online casinos are now accessible on smartphones. It is crucial to refer to information sources that teach you all about safe mobile apps for iOS and Android, to learn all about the differences between each of them and find out which would be the best fit for your personal preference.It’s worth checking these out if you plan to play on the go, as there’s loads of providers out there, and some could be more advantageous than others.

The best mobile online casinos offer the same range of games you can get on the desktop, but with a slightly modified interface that makes it easier to tap out your bets. Ignition is one such casino that now boasts a remarkable app. Known for being one of the very best US online casinos for poker & poker tournaments, the Ignition mobile client works perfectly when on the go playing both cash games and quick-fold Zone Poker. Bovada, too, can boast a highly effective, modern, seamless casino and sportsbook app that enables players to play mobile versions of all their favourite desktop games when out and about.

Customer Service at the Best Online Casinos

The level of customer support an online casino offers should also be a key factor in your decision-making process. All of the casinos we reviewed let you get in touch by email, but having access to support over live chat or phone makes it easier to get answers right away.

MyBookie, as an example, offers 24/7 customer support by both live chat or by ringing the toll-free number.

Online Casinos Best Security

Security is also an important factor in evaluating online casino sites. You need to trust that your funds are secure with the casino and that deposits and withdrawals can be made without exposing your sensitive information. Thankfully, all of the top online casinos use encryption technology to keep your data secure, and the best online US casinos such as Bovada also offer two-factor authentication. Payments are usually processed by third-party payments providers, which have even more advanced security measures, so you can feel confident your money is in safe hands at any of our reviewed best casinos online.


12 March 2022

The Flying Duck Orchid - Australia's Other Amazing Anatine Attraction

The Caleana is more often known as the Duck Orchid – and for fairly obvious reasons.  It looks like a duck in flight, its wings swept back, head and beak held high and proud. This attractive yet amusing addition to the orchid genus is a native of Australia, famed perhaps more for its marsupials than its mallards (platypodes aside).  Yet as a result of the shape of its labellum (or lip) its anatine association will be that by which it is always remembered.

The labellum which gives the duck orchid its distinct characteristics is a vital part of its strategy to propagate the species.   Botanically speaking, the labellum is the part of the flower which has developed to attract the insects which, it is hoped, will pollinate the flower.  Furthermore, its length and breadth serves as a landing pad for the insect – in the case of the duck orchid that insect is the sawfly.


I am posting this today because I wonder how many times this happens each day all over the world – it certainly happened to me once upon a time. There is an old tune which goes love comes quickly, whatever you do, you can't stop falling – and here, it seems, is that timeless situation again. A pretty but bored and possibly lonely young woman in a café looks up from her coffee to see a handsome young man gesticulating at her through the window.

Bittersweet is directed by Stefan Lee and produced by Vinnie Liu. The young lady is played by Cindy Lee and her impending gentleman caller by Manie Mathews Mothoneos.

Ice Storm: Splendor in Devastation

An ice storm brings misery with it, predictable and inescapable.  Yet even in midst of natural disaster, beauty may be discovered.  The ice covers everything, like some vast experiment in cryogenics.  Fruit, flowers, branches – all are encased within its merciless grip, perfectly frozen in time until the thaw inevitably comes.  There is splendor in devastation.

The Ellington Kid

As urban legends go this one is pretty meaty but as you will see at the start it’s based on a true story… kind of.  A young man is stabbed in the street yet is able to get away.  He takes refuge in a local kebab shop but his attackers are hot on his trail.  This is, after all, South London...

This short movie is brief enough for that small description to be enough for me give you at this point – we don’t want any spoilers, after all!  However, I do think it will give you a chuckle or at least a wry grin.

The Ellington Kid was made by London based Writer and Director Dan Sully.


This serves as something of a reminder to me that I must need a holiday as I did have a deal of empathy with the protagonist of Apathy, dragging chains along and paying little or no attention to his surroundings.  Yet when he does grasp the moment, seize the day, the world and its variance to him is opened up.

This is a rather beautiful and enigmatic animated short by Christian Neie who created it as his graduation project from the DFI-Design Factory International College of Communication Arts and Interactive Media in Hamburg.

Space Bound

This is probably one of the happiest animations I have seen, ever, on the subject of imminent death. Space Bound essentially asks the question if you knew you were going to die in the very near future then how would you choose to spend your last moments? It’s a beautifully optimistic short despite the fact that there isn’t a rescue ship in sight at the end and its jollity somewhat belies the fact that our two protagonists are not too long for (out of) this world.

Yet even so this is not a story about the end but about the journey one chooses to take on the way there.

Space Bound was created by animator Kyle Moy and 3D artist Ellen Su who are both senior at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Here’s a suggestion for when you graduate, Kyle and Ellen – don’t bother with a résumé – just send out Space Bound with your email addresses.

Tips to Choosing the Right Online Casino

Would you bank at a bank you’ve never heard of before, or perhaps shop online at a store that comes with some pretty dodgy reviews? Then why would you take the risk when it comes to finding the right online casino for you?

With internet fraud and scams on the rise, one can never really be vigilant enough – especially whenever real money transactions are involved. The good news here is that we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important things to keep an eye open out for, along with other handy tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction next time you’re thinking about signing up for a new online casino.


Now in order to find out which online casinos are available to your country, the first thing you’re going to want to be aware of is the regulator in your jurisdiction. For most of Europe, for example, it’s the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), whereas for the UK and its territories, it’s the UK Gambling Commission. There are also various licenses from other regulators such as Curaçao for instance.

Once you’ve established what regulator is available in your country, then you’ll be able to look up online casinos that carry the same license, making your gameplay safe, reliable, and most importantly, legal.


Figuring out which kind of casino player you are will also help you find an online casino that best aligns with your expectations. First off, you’re going to want to decide whether you’re more after a high volatility game on the lines of legacy of dead slot, or if you’d rather take things easy with a low volatility slot like Starburst.

Low volatility slots are generally best suited for players that enjoy placing smaller bets while high volatility games generally require a more substantial budget in the long run.


As we’ve mentioned before, the regulator and licensing details are definitely the first things you’re going to want to discover when looking for a new online casino. If you’re playing in Ireland for example, then the regulator you’re going to want to look out for is the Malta Gaming Authority, which includes both online casinos and game providers such as Play’n Go.

If you’re located in the UK, then it’s the UK Gambling Commission that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for. This is usually located on the casino’s footer information on their website. Never play at an unregulated online casino.


Another thing you’re going to want to look out for when looking for a new online casino is the sort of bonuses they offer. If you’re more of a slot player then you might be interested in a ‘Welcome Bonus’ that offers free spins for example, or perhaps you’d rather go straight for a cash bonus instead.

On the other hand, Live Casino players may be more inclined to sign up to an online casino that offers specific Live Casino bonuses, and this would apply to the several types of live games, such as blackjack and roulette.


If you’re into mobile gaming, then you’ll appreciate the value of a good online casino that doesn’t require any additional software downloads to function. Most casinos will offer full HTML5 technology which means you’ll be able to log in from your preferred browser on any device, including your phone, in order to benefit from the entire casino function. Lastly, you should also check if the casino has their own mobile application, as they are convenient to online casino players.


If you’re looking for the right online casino, we hope this brief guide helped you. Remember the golden rules – check for licensing, check the current casino bonuses, take a look at their game collection, and always find out if you’re able to play those games on mobile before committing to signing up and making a first deposit.

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11 March 2022

The Similarities And Differences Between AFL And Gaelic Football

Although they are two different sports with different rules, the two codes do have some things in common. So much so that the games have intertwined with the International Rules Series being created in 1967. This was just after Australia sent some of the best Australian Rules Football players at the time to Ireland to play against their local teams. The league still exists to this day and it is interesting to see what the differences and similarities are of each sport.


First of all, the size and shape of the ball used is different in the two sports. The Gaelic code uses a round ball, while the Australian code uses an oval-shaped ball and the goalposts are also different. Australian rules have four posts; two main posts and a smaller post on each side. If you kick the ball in between the side post and the main post you score one point, known as a behind. If you kick the ball between the two main posts you get 6 points, a goal.

Gaelic football has two main posts with a soccer-like net at the bottom. If you kick over the crossbar, you receive one point and if you kick into the main goal you gain three points. You can fist the ball over the crossbar and earn a point but with the Australian rules game you earn nothing by doing this, the points must be earned by kicking the ball through the goals.

Gaelic football also has a goalkeeper to guard the goal, while Australian rules do not. Instead, they have players on the field whose job is to defend the goal. The main defender is called a Full Back, while the players to the left and right of him are called Back Pockets.

The AFL Premiership odds can change dramatically based on the results of games played against the Irish. This is because the best of the best of Australian Rules Football players take part against the Irish and both countries have effective players in their respective sports and each put each other’s skills to the test.


The similar inherent nature of both codes is apparent in certain aspects. Unlike soccer, both sports allow the player to use their hands. Players in both leagues can either kick or handpass the ball around the field. The width of the goal (6.4 meters) is the same in both codes. The ball is contested at the start of the game, tackling to various degrees is allowed, and the ball can be kicked far on the field to gain an upper hand in potentially scoring a goal. Both countries also strived to create a game differentiated from classic English sports such as soccer and rugby.

There has been much debate over the years as to which code was the predecessor and who was the follower. It was speculated in the early 20th century that Australian Rules Football must have come from Gaelic Football simply because Ireland is older than Australia. This has been debunked, however, and it seems that Australian Rules may be a precursor to Gaelic football, based on research by historians and the fact that Australian Rules Football was played decades before Gaelic Football. Either way, both codes are fun to watch and it is good to see two different countries come together and create an international sport that they can both enjoy.

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6 March 2022

The Seven Wonders of Ukraine

  We have left this article as it was originally written for Kuriositas in 2012 and dedicate it to those suffering in the war,

What springs to mind when you think of Ukraine? Since independence in 1991 the second largest country in Europe has been somewhat demonized by elements of the Western European media. It has often been portrayed as something of a cultural backwater with little to recommend it. Here we address that issue by revealing to you the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Everything I Can See From Here

This was, I must admit, not quite what I was expecting.  Two young men and a dog play with a football in some bleak corner of a post-industrial British town.  Their lives seem as desultory as the manner in which they bounce the ball, only the occasional kick in to the air relieves the boredom as they wait to see how long the ball will take to return through the grimy clouds above them.  This is very much England painted in the school of Morrissey where every day seems like Sunday.   Yet unlike the song a very individual kind of Armageddon arrives to wreak havoc – and play a little soccer.

This somewhat perplexing, beautifully animated short was directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim for The Line, an animation collective based in East London.  It was made over a period of two years after work and with zero budget.  However, they do say who you know is important and Aschim and Taylor were able to draw on the talents of a large ensemble of talented people willing to give a hand.  I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.  Hats off then to Taylor and Aschim because art doesn’t have to be fully understood to be appreciated either (thank goodness).

Hollywood’s First Harrison Ford

Long before Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford was starring in movies such as Her Gilded Cage (1919) and Lovers in Quarantine (1925).  Yet it wasn’t the Harrison Ford we know and love – it was someone else entirely.  Hollywood’s first Harrison Ford had a career which spanned 1915 – 1932. Above you can see him with Marguerite Clark in the 1920 movie Easy to Get.

This particular Harrison Ford was born in 1884 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Like everyone else in this day and age he trained for the stage and made his Broadway debut at the age of twenty in a play called Ranson’s Folly by Richard Harding Davis.

He appeared in a number of productions and made his name as a handsome leading man, which led eventually to movie work.

A move to Hollywood was inevitable and he left the east coast in 1915 to pursue his dream of making movies.  He was to enjoy a long and varied career, starring opposite a number of Hollywood's leading ladies of the time.

Above he poses for a picture with the actress Norma Talmadge, one of the most elegant and glamorous film stars of the roaring twenties.  Yet screen popularity was not to last for Harrison Ford – his first talkie in 1932, Love in High Gear, was also his last.  Like so many others actors he failed to make the transition from silent movies.

Yet he was able to put his screen acting career aside, moving on from earlier triumphs such as The Song and Dance Man, made in 1926 (he is the young man in the center of the picture) and returned to acting in the theatre.. Ford also directed productions at the Little Theater of the Verdugos in Glendale, California and played an active role in the United Service Organizations (the nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families) during the Second World War.

Ford died in 1957 after having been struck by a car while out for a walk.  Although not as famous as Hollywood’s second Harrison Ford, the first will also be always remembered with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6665 Hollywood Blvd.

The Language of Love

It only takes a single question in a French test for the mind of seventeen year old Charlie to veer off on a million and one tangents – but one in particular.   As much as his mind wanders it keeps returning back to the same person again and again.  It might be love but for Charlie this just raises a whole heap of new issues.  Yet he has the gift of the gab (that’s for sure!) and as the hazy dawn of a crush becomes the blinding light of his first love Charlie talks and comes to a conclusion (which of course has to be ultimately done through the medium of French!).

This charming short film, essentially a monologue of thought before action, is reminiscent of the style of Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads. Engagingly and self-assuredly performed by Kim Ho (who also wrote the piece: one suspects we may be seeing much more of this young actor in the future) The Language of Love was created under the mentorship of playwright Tommy Murphy for The Voices Project from the Australian Theater for Young People. It was directed by Laura Scrivano.

Calanche – The Heart of Corsica

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Just south of the small village of Porto in the west coast of the island lies the heart of Corsica. Literally.

When you see it...

4 March 2022

8 Surprising Facts About Higher Education

We all know about the importance of getting a degree. It is what can help you jump-start a successful career in pretty much any field and gain the needed professional knowledge and skills. But, do you know enough about modern higher education?

Whether you are already attending a university or college, or just planning to apply, this article will have something interesting for everyone. Read on to learn about the top eight most recent and relevant facts about higher education that might surprise you!


  1. Students Are Massively Outsourcing Their Homework Assignments

It’s not a secret that handling a huge load of homework can get pretty tough, especially in higher education facilities. According to surveys, students report spending around 17 hours a week on different types of assignments. But, did you know how many of them are delegating their tasks? We bet that the answer is no.

As many of you should know, these days, there are thousands of specialized services that help students cope with their homework. These are the sites where you can come saying “professional essay writer” and get quick, professional assistance with any kind of assignment. And you will be surprised at the sheer number of students that use this opportunity to ensure academic success.

About 30 million university and college students all over the world are delegating their assignments to professionals. Most often, they do this due to a lack of time, need to improve their grades or poor understanding of the task. Regardless of the reasons, professional writers help students make their way to academic excellence.

  1. Students Love MacOs But Use Windows More

It is no secret that college and university students are relying on technology a lot. According to stats, nearly 90% of all homework they do requires at least some use of technology. Therefore, a computer or a laptop is one of the most vital tools in every student’s arsenal. But, what kind of technology do they choose?

71% of young people report they would prefer a Mac over a Windows computer. Nevertheless, the majority are still giving their preference to a Windows-operated PC. At this point, the share of Windows users in college is 60%, whereas only 40% are using Mac devices. Why is it so, you may wonder? Basically, the main reason for this is the high cost of Mac gadgets. Apparently, the majority of young people can’t afford it, so they opt for Windows instead.

  1. Educational Apps Are On the Rise

We’ve already mentioned that young people are relying on technology a lot in their academics. But, while just a few years ago they relied mostly on the internet, laptops, and computers, now, we can see a big trend towards mobile technology. Namely, students are now giving their preference to mobile educational applications.

As reported by the App Store, there have been 470 million downloads of educational apps. The numbers from Google Play don’t fall behind much. On this marketplace, learners have downloaded 466 million different educational apps. And these numbers keep rising.

Every year, developers present us with more and more apps that can really come in handy for college people. There are applications for learning specific topics or subjects, managing your assignments, keeping track of the curriculum, as well as educational games, and much more!

  1. The Decline in Enrollment Is High as Ever

Despite an ever-high demand for qualified and educated specialists in all spheres, you might be surprised to learn that the number of people who are enrolling in higher education facilities is actually dropping. According to stats, enrollment rates in the US have dropped by nearly 3 million throughout the last decade.

What is more, a million decline in enrollment rates was seen since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic. The reasons for this phenomenon are different. First and foremost, experts claim that the decline is caused by a drop in birth rates. However, apart from this, there is also a growing skepticism concerning the importance of higher education, the wide availability of offline and online jobs that don’t require a degree, and, of course, the high cost of education.


  1. Colleges Aren’t All About Studying

As most of us believe, the primary goal of attending a college is to study and gain knowledge, but stats reveal that this is not quite true. According to Minding the Campus, US students spend on average less than 30 hours per week on academics.

How do they spend the rest of their time? - Doing sports, participating in extracurriculars, and, of course, making memories. So, if you still believe that you will have to spend 100% of your time studying while in college, rest assured that college life is made of much more than that.

  1. Employment Rates and Salaries of BA Degree Holders Are Skyrocketing

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the majority of employers are looking for specialists with college degrees. This fact alone proves that the importance of receiving higher education is still high. But, one thing you may not know is that employment rates and salaries of those who hold at least a BA degree are skyrocketing these days.

To be more specific, research performed by the Bureau for Labor Statistics reveals that workers who only have a high school diploma can make an average of $37,024 a year. The unemployment rate among them is 4.6%

On the other hand, specialists who hold at least a BA degree can make an average of $60,996 a year. Besides, their unemployment rate is significantly lower - 2.5%.

  1. Students Want to Continue Learning Online After the Pandemic

We all know that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced millions of students to stay at home and continue their education online. Due to the unreadiness of the academic system for such a quick shift, there was lots of skepticism concerning online learning. But, things have changed.

Now, after several years of global lockdown, students have become comfortable completing their courses online. In fact, they even show willingness to continue learning online. According to surveys, 73% of students now want to have at least some online courses. Whereas 46% of young people are willing to complete the rest of their education online.

  1. Student Debt Crisis Is at Its Biggest Now

In the 21st century, higher education is definitely more accessible than ever. Yet, accessible doesn’t mean affordable. It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that the cost of tuition keeps growing, reaching record-high figures.

According to studies, around 30% of young people are opting for some kind of a loan to afford their education. Currently, the average amount of loan per borrower is slightly over $35,000. But, the overall debt is huge. It has been reported that America on its own has $1.73 trillion in student debt.

Wrapping Up

So, these were our top eight facts that many of you might’ve not known before. Hopefully, reading this article was helpful to all of you. Now, you know more about higher education in 2022.