6 March 2022

Everything I Can See From Here

This was, I must admit, not quite what I was expecting.  Two young men and a dog play with a football in some bleak corner of a post-industrial British town.  Their lives seem as desultory as the manner in which they bounce the ball, only the occasional kick in to the air relieves the boredom as they wait to see how long the ball will take to return through the grimy clouds above them.  This is very much England painted in the school of Morrissey where every day seems like Sunday.   Yet unlike the song a very individual kind of Armageddon arrives to wreak havoc – and play a little soccer.

This somewhat perplexing, beautifully animated short was directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim for The Line, an animation collective based in East London.  It was made over a period of two years after work and with zero budget.  However, they do say who you know is important and Aschim and Taylor were able to draw on the talents of a large ensemble of talented people willing to give a hand.  I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.  Hats off then to Taylor and Aschim because art doesn’t have to be fully understood to be appreciated either (thank goodness).