6 March 2022

The Language of Love

It only takes a single question in a French test for the mind of seventeen year old Charlie to veer off on a million and one tangents – but one in particular.   As much as his mind wanders it keeps returning back to the same person again and again.  It might be love but for Charlie this just raises a whole heap of new issues.  Yet he has the gift of the gab (that’s for sure!) and as the hazy dawn of a crush becomes the blinding light of his first love Charlie talks and comes to a conclusion (which of course has to be ultimately done through the medium of French!).

This charming short film, essentially a monologue of thought before action, is reminiscent of the style of Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads. Engagingly and self-assuredly performed by Kim Ho (who also wrote the piece: one suspects we may be seeing much more of this young actor in the future) The Language of Love was created under the mentorship of playwright Tommy Murphy for The Voices Project from the Australian Theater for Young People. It was directed by Laura Scrivano.