6 March 2022

Calanche – The Heart of Corsica

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Just south of the small village of Porto in the west coast of the island lies the heart of Corsica. Literally.

When you see it...

Calanches, known is known in French as Les calanches de Piana and they are set within the Regional Natural Park of the island. Set 400 meters above sea level the rocks glow red when the sun is at its peak, which is maybe appropriate with this carved out heart at its center.

We may as well admit that the heart shape rock is, of course, due to millennia of erosion but for the romantically inclined it is easy to imagine otherwise. Perhaps a lovelorn god of the ancient European world played here and carved out the heart to immortalise his adoration for a local beauty. Or perhaps we’ve been watching Ray Harryhausen movies too much.

Yet if you think the rocks of Calanche look beautiful in the day time, just wait till you see them at night.

First Image Credit Flickr User jamretsam324