12 March 2022

Space Bound

This is probably one of the happiest animations I have seen, ever, on the subject of imminent death. Space Bound essentially asks the question if you knew you were going to die in the very near future then how would you choose to spend your last moments? It’s a beautifully optimistic short despite the fact that there isn’t a rescue ship in sight at the end and its jollity somewhat belies the fact that our two protagonists are not too long for (out of) this world.

Yet even so this is not a story about the end but about the journey one chooses to take on the way there.

Space Bound was created by animator Kyle Moy and 3D artist Ellen Su who are both senior at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Here’s a suggestion for when you graduate, Kyle and Ellen – don’t bother with a résumé – just send out Space Bound with your email addresses.