30 June 2012

Neatoshop Competition Prize Winner

The wonderful Neatoshop recently gave us a prize to give away – a fantastic tentacle doorstop.  We ran through the competition through our Facebook page and had a record number of reader responses there – thanks Neatoshop!  The winner, chosen by a random number generator was Ben Henderson.  Ben was kind enough to send us a picture of himself with his prize which we couldn’t resist sharing with you!  It’s good enough to use for a caption competition, but we will try to resist that temptation!

We are glad you are (self evidently) enjoying your prize, Ben! Thanks, too, to the folks at the Neatoshop.  If you think this tentacle doorstep is cool, use the link here or simply click on Ben’s picture to take you to a cornucopia of fabulous fun fings (sorry, just had to run with the alliteration there – besides, we’re based in London).