17 June 2012

Star Trek Alternate Title Intro

You might say it is the last thing we need – the original title intro to Star Trek is so embedded in the collective subconscious that it makes any attempt to create an alternative redundant. But then you think…  one of the more enjoyable aspects of the TV series was to boldly go (see how I split my infinitive there?) in to alternate realities. With that in mind, then an alternative set of titles if not only desirable but compulsory!

It’s great fun too.  Created by the Quintek Group, their particular mission was to try and capture the essence of what they found most enjoyable from the series for building this faux opening to this classic show.  I love it – and although I would never, ever replace the original, this is certainly what I would expect were I to do some alternate traveling! If you are a fan there are some rather nerdy easter eggs in this - I won't give any away but see how many you get!