3 June 2012

Frankie Rulez

If you are going to be a megalomaniac conqueror of the universe then there is something that you need in abundance. Flags. Here, our would be intergalactic emperor, Frankie, is determined to plant his flags on as many planets as possible, regardless of the life that is already there.  This sovereign of space jumps from place to place in his endless quest to rule – and yes, you would be right in thinking that there is something of a comeuppance due to Frankie.

This very funny animated short was created by San Charoenchai, a designer and animator based in California.  As you can see from Frankie Rulez, Charoenchai works a lot with Softimage XSI and After Effects – and very beautifully he does it too. You can see more of his work at his joyously named website, Mulletproof..