18 June 2012

The Gate

If you are of a delicate nature then take heed of the picture and don’t press play! The Gate is a science fiction short written and directed by Matt Westrup, produced by Spencer Friend under the auspices of Joyrider films.  It is, like much science fiction, a warning of what might be not what is inevitable. The scenario is that London in the near future has witnessed the deaths of a number of people who have inexplicably mutated. Yeah, like him on the left.

The CGI rendering is (without sounding like too much of a fanboy) awesome and the pace of the short film is brisk and carries you along with it - these eight minutes will go quickly, you will be so wrapped up in the situation.  I could easily imagine this being made in to a full feature or a TV series whereby a small but elite crew has to deal with mutations of the human genome on a weekly basis.  They might just want to tackle most of the UK government's current Cabinet first of all. Something strange has been happening there for a while now...

Seriously, though, I really think that Joyrider Films should contact the BBC very soon (if they have not already done so!).

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