30 June 2012

Get Wild!

Do you ever daydream while at work? The young man here certainly does – and before very long he is whisked back in time to 1968 or a version which his imagination provides for him at the very least.  A combination of French joie de vivre and chockablock with Americana, this is something of an international hybrid – a kind of United Nations of Fun.  It also has some very interesting CGI!

You may not believe this, but this is a graduation film.  It was created by four students at ArtFX (which is becoming regularly featured on Kuriositas such is its quality output), namely Valentin Astier, Joseph Catté, Olivia Leonetti et Geoffrey Vattan. From start to finish it required a whole year of work. It shows- Get Wild! is one of the best graduation movies I have seen for a long time – and is certainly the most fun.