4 June 2012

The Girl and the Fox

Ilona lives in a forest with her parents and life is frugal. So when she visits the hens one morning and finds them all dead she resolves to go deep in to the forest to hunt out their killer – a fox.  She soon finds her quarry but what happens next is beyond her expectations.

This charming animated short is by Base14, an award-winning multimedia design company that specializes in film and animation. I have to admit to being rather surprised to discover that they are based in Los Angeles as to me The Girl and the Fox had a much more European feel to it – perhaps because of the costumes the characters wear -  it felt very much like an Old World fable.  Hats off to Base14, however – this is a delightful animated short – small wonder it has been nominated for so many awards including the College Television Awards (where it gained 2nd Place Animation and won the Geena Davis Award for Focus on Gender Equality).