3 June 2012

The Tale of the Three Brothers

If you remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows then you will recall the somewhat gruesome tale of the three brothers, narrated by Hermione. I tells the story of the eponymous siblings and how the three of them cheated death – to one extent or another. The animation is amazing and it is the work of director Ben Hibon.He has just joined the director's roster at Axis Animation.

It is often something of a gamble to interrupt the flow of a movie with a four minute animation (although you may argue that considering their length the Harry Potter series had plenty of time to spare!). Yet Hibon pulls it off and as well as explaining the deathly hallows (which Harry still doesn’t quite get but we think that is Rowling making him speak for the audience – I didn’t either) it is a wonderful, ethereal piece of animation.