5 June 2012

Tim Burton – A Filmography

If you are a movie fan, you will like this a lot. If you are a Tim Burton fan then you will love and adore it.  Martin Woutisseth, a web and graphic designer based in Lille, France, has created this animated filmography of Tim Burton’s movies.

We go from (almost) the very beginning and start with Pee Wee (perhaps one he would rather forget) and progress through the years, from Beetlejuice and the Bat Man movies, encompassing the Apes, the Big Fish and my own personal favorite, that guy with scissors for hands.

Now don’t gripe if Martin has missed out one or two (notably James and the Giant Peach which he only produced and Burton’s latest, Dark Shadows - which was left out because of time constraints)! The vast majority of Burton’s movies are here and as such this is about the neatest visualization of them as an oeuvre that I have seen.

If you enjoy this and you are also a Stanley Kubrick fan then take a look at Woutisseth's take on his movies. Martin's next will be about the movies of Takeshi Kitano - you can see his plans by clicking here.