9 June 2012

The Benevolent Bears of Burlington

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of no surprise at all. That’s because the bears, in the Vermont city of Burlington, have all left the woods to go shopping. In fact the fourteen bears have been created by local artists for an event organized by a number of local organizations called Burlington Bears Its Art.

The first of the bears was unveiled last month and now all fourteen line the marketplace of Burlington and will be there for the greater part of the summer. As well as drawing people to the marketplace it is hoped that the bears will raise more than ten thousand dollars for charity when they will be auctioned online in the middle of October.

Businesses have been able to sponsor the bears which means even more funds for a good cause. Some of the money will be going to the COTS charity – Committee on Temporary Shelter which serves the homeless in Vermont. So, by giving the fiberglass bears a home the auction winners will be helping those who find themselves without one. 

The bears in their naked (or we should say unpainted) form arrived in the city in March.  The artists involved in the project were given around six weeks to create their masterpieces so that the bears could go on display in the middle of May. And what a job they have done! The bears certainly brighten up the place and no doubt tourists and residents alike will be sad to see them go. So if you have plans to go to Vermont then make your way to Burlington before it's too late!

All pictures by Flickr User Mamichan.