10 June 2012

Now You Know It Anyway

A small girl with a very large imagination writes and draws her own story. This budding author, realizing perhaps the financial potential of her work, goes to the local flea market and sets up shop.  She seems quite surprised when a man and his young child take an interest in her stories and as she recounts one to them all of the creatures in the story come alive and start listening.

This is a wonderful short by Polder Animations and it is not surprising that in its native Netherlands it did the rounds with The Smurfs in all Pathe Cinemas in the country as part of the Ultrakort 2 initiative by The Netherlands Film Fund and Pathe.

I imagine there were many small people who went home thinking that this was the better movie of the two (not to mention almost all of the adults!).

By the way, if the style of this animation seems to be familiar, it could be because we featured Polder Animation's superb Blik on Kuriositas a while ago.