17 June 2012

Veggie Propaganda

I have to point out here and now that I am not a vegetarian so the inclusion of this animation by Kristen Palana is not my attempt to convert you to vegetarianism. However, it does ask some interesting questions which are worth considering.  Even if animal welfare is not at the top of your agenda, perhaps the environment and living longer are. Veggie Propaganda makes the point (very well) that by cutting down on meat (or, of course, cutting it out altogether) you are probably going to live a healthier, longer life.

So, by all means throw your weight in to the debate by making reasoned comments below – no abuse please!  I like to think I give voice to all sorts of opinions here at Kuriositas, so if you have made an animated short about the wonders of eating meat, please send me the link and I will consider putting it on the site too!

Kristen Palana is an American/Portuguese multimedia artist based in Rome, Italy. Her work has been exhibited internationally and online and has won a number of awards. She has taught undergraduate and graduate college students for over eleven years, as well as offered art and multimedia courses in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Kristen is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media at The American University of Rome.