21 June 2012

Mantra-Hatton – Times Square Taken Over by Yoga Fans

It may only be in a place like New York that over a thousand people can get together and calmly start to follow a yoga class. Yet there they are, pictured yesterday (June 20). 1600 mats were given out for the occasion, which marked the Summer Solstice and fairly soon you could not move for yogis keen to practice their moves. The skills on display were varied – from beginners to veteran but one thing was for sure – tourists and yogis alike seemed to be enjoying it!

Attendees were instructed to try and find stillness, harmony and transcendence in the middle of the world's most commercial and chaotic place, Times Square. The yoga enthusiasts commemorated the longest day of the year (June 20th) by taking part in hour long sessions which took place all day.

First Image Credit Flickr User The Rachel Maddow Show