9 June 2012

Zombi U Trailer

This is quite spectacular but before you watch this can I make clear that I am not including this either as an advert or because I am a fan of gaming (I think the last shoot ‘em up game was probably Space Invaders and I'm not sure that counts anyway).

I am including this on Kuriositas simply because I found the animation quite extraordinary.  From the soundtrack used it looks as if it is set in and around the recent Jubilee celebrations. I have to say I have never heard God Save the Queen used for the soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse before but it works!

This is a debut trailer for Zombi U from a certain u-biquitous gaming company. It shows that the action will take place in Great Britain, after a zombie virus has devastated the country. Seemingly the game will be for those over a certain age only. You’re not kidding!