30 June 2012

Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure

Ah, fan films.  You have to love them – after all, everyone has to start somewhere. Yet they can often vary from poor to really really poor, quality being outweighed by enthusiasm and lack of experience. And then sometimes (just sometimes!) they actually turn out to be really rather good. That’s the case with Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure – but when you have a whole class of future animation and special effects professionals behind you, that’s hardly surprising!

C-3PO and R-2D2 embark on a rollicking adventure when the Jawas hijack an experimental Mon Calimari starship. As ever with Jawas, chaos ensures. This Star Wars fan film was written and directed by Brad Murphy and created in three months by the June 2012 graduating class of the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School - otherwise and usually known as DAVE. Located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida in Sound Stage 25, the DAVE School's 35,000 square foot facility includes 3 labs, a shooting stage with a massive 65'x 25' green screen, and a state of the art motion capture system.

There is a very neat little twist in the tale – you might see it coming, but that won’t detract from your enjoyment of this rather super animated short!