10 June 2012

Vimeo Award 2012 Grand Prize Winner - Symmetry

As you know, Kuriositas uses video almost exclusively from Vimeo which is where both established and tyro filmmakers go to put their work on line. Vimeo held an awards ceremony for the second time this year and the competition was outstanding. There were thirteen categories (including sport, animation and narrative) and from these a single overall Grand Prize Winner. The prize? Nothing much.. only a $25K grant with which to develop a project. Phew.

The winner of the Grand Prize this year was Symmetry by everynone. It won the (new) Lyrical category where it drew great acclaim and is one of those pieces of film which really provoke the old grey matter in to action. Take a look – I am pretty sure this will leave you gobsmacked (readers outside the UK, think in awe and you have it about right).

We will be featuring a number of the other winners over the next few days.