2 October 2010

Young British Vlogger Reveals Doctor Who Christmas Special Enemy

Don't worry - there really isn't much in the way of spoiler here.  I just wanted to post up this video as it really made me smile.  The young chap is a YouTube vlogger who goes by the handle of MrGalaxyPictures and is about, well fourteen or so I would say (apologies if he is older or younger, I know how sensitive your average mancub can get about their age, often measuring it in days and months as well as years).

Back to the point.  MrGalaxyPictures has some news about the forthcoming Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special, the first to feature Matt Smith as the Doctor. Plus he has some tidbits about the Sarah Jane Adventures, including the news that she will be joined by another previous companion (you will have to watch his video to find out!).

The news aside, I was taken by surprise by the kid's casual yet encyclopaedic knowledge of the show and the sheer and undeniable pleasure he takes in spreading the word.  This young vlogger took me back to when I was a teenager and every piece of news about forthcoming Doctor Who episodes would have me in a frenzy of excitement.  A joy to see that the show has lost none of its capacity to enthrall.

Thanks for making me smile, MrGalaxyPictures!