16 October 2010

Be Caught

The coalition government is only a few months old yet the cuts in benefits that the current UK administration is introducing is already proving unpopular and - of course - that means that protest art is on the rise once again.  Here the current Chancellor of the Exchequer (the guy in charge of the money) is seen on the left in the guise of a benefit thief.

Even better, the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, is seen on the right bearing his own placard, pleading with the world to make me pay back the benefit I steal.  This piece of stencil graffiti really made me smile.  You can find it in the Brick Lane area of London.

Coincidentally there is a new joke going arounf about George Osborne:-

What do you call it when you kill your father?
What do you call it when you kill your mother?
What do you call it when you kill George Osborne?

Think about it.