3 October 2010

Facebook: The Social Network Animated in One Minute

If you quite fancy going to see The Social Network, the new movie about the founding of Facebook but just can't bring yourself to spend ninety minutes in the on screen company of Justin Timberlake then those slightly dotty people over at Taiwanese based NMA TV have just the thing for you.

They (probably quite rightly) say that the future of news broadcasting is animation, but I am not completely sure that most people had this sort of thing in mind.  However, I chortled my way through it but although it is animated you may find parts of this a little NSFW.  Ahem.

Sit back and relax for a minute.  Everything you ever really needed to know about about Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, the Winklevoss twins and Sean Parker never mind the social-networking phenomenon that has come to dominate every aspect of our lives is herein contained.