2 October 2010

What is a Shooting Star?

They Might Be Giants (TMBG to their friends) have had a long and varied career but one aspect of their work of which I am particularly fond is their music for children. I should perhaps append that sentence with the words of all ages but I am not sure that is necessary.  If you are reading Kuriositas you are already there.

This particular song is one of my favourites as not only does it deal with extraterrestrial objects it teaches kids the differerence between a meteor and a meteorite.

Even better, having been a long time fan of artist Pascal Campion, when he and TMBG collide and the work is presented in the form of animation - there isn't much else that can make me happier (and whatever that might be is certainly not to be revealed on these pages).  Here TMBG and Pascal Campion answer that age old question asked by nascent nerds from time immemorial - what is a shooting star?

It is short, to the point but you are guaranteed to have this song in your head all day.