9 October 2010

Le Green Boy and Dirty Girl

This is what the world needs - a super-normal eco-hero.  Le Green Boy has a calling - to make the world a more eco-friendly place and to help him to do that he has his costume, his green unicorn symbol and the L sign that he gives when he is about to go in to action. Unfortunately every super-normal eco-hero has his nemesis and for Le Green Boy this comes in the shape of Dirty Girl - and boy, is she dirty.

Written, directed and produced by Jerome Genevray this serves as both trailer and introduction to Le Green Boy and after watching it I would really like to see this expanded in to a series or even a movie.

It even has its own Le Green Boy music which is irritatingly catchy in a europop kind of way - but it is guaranteed that you will be humming it for quite a while after watching this.

There is pretty much every super-hero element or ingredient here for this to run as a hugely successful (re)cycle of movies.