4 October 2010

Lego Lord of the Rings Mix and Match Minifig Set

Lego do not have a Lord of the Rings minifig set – even if it does sound like an odds on money spinner.  However, that did not put off one diehard fan of both the book and the brick.  With time, patience and more than a little mix and match ingenuity using many other Lego sets, the Fellowship and its enemies slowly took shape.

Let's start with one of the most popular members of the Fellowship of the Ring. Gimli, the representative of the Durin's folk looks magnificent with his helmet and beard.  His axe may be a tad too large but he is an uncanniy accurate rendition.

Should I make the obvious pun?  I can't resist it.  Here is the appropriately named Legolas. An Elf from the Woodland Realm he is widely considered to be the prettiest of the nine members of the Fellowship.  Is that perhaps Robin Hood's bow and arrow he has borrowed for the day?

Tme for one of the bad guys - you've guessed already who it is though, I am sure.  Gríma Wormtongue - toady, creep (and creepy), impostor, and arch manipulator he almost did for King Théoden of Rohan due to his lies and persuasive tongue.  Thief too - I could swear that is Darth Vader's cape he has on.

No real chance of a spoiler here - most people know how the trilogy ends.  When Sauron was finally defeated, Aragorn got the girl - and the crown.  Here he is as King Elessar.  Has a medieval Lego knight lost his breastplate recently?

OK, guys.  Group Shot.  Smile.

Time for some Hobbits. First. Frodo and yes, that is The Ring you can see on his hand finger. The best known Hobbit of the Shire even retains his freckles and worried expression.  He needs some help from Sam, obviously.

Sam. Good old Samwise Gamgee who was later known as Samwise Gardner but only after he had been made Mayor of the Shire seven times.   Is that a dagger in your hand, Sam - or a Lego knife?  Either way, Sam's naturally portly physique lends itself to Lego very well.

Unlike Galadriel. Lego just does not do justice to the lovely (and slim) royal elf that Gimli lost his heart to forever.  Yet if you are going to have a Lego Galadriel, this is as good as it is going to get - and it is.

The one you have been waiting for? Gandalf the grey - or if you prefer to call him by one of his other names, Olórin, Mithrandir, Gandalf Greyhame, The White Rider, Stormcrow, Incánus, or Tharkûn. He is perfect in Lego - even down to his blue wizard's hat.  Of course he was known by one other name too..

Gandalf the White. Healed in Lórien and reclothed in white garments by the grandchild of both King Finwë and King Olwë, the Lady of the Galahdrim, Galdriel, the successor of Saruman took on his new guise.   It may not have been a wizard's staff in its original Lego set, but it most certainly is now.

Kuriositas would like to thank Lego genius Mr Spielbrick for his very kind permission allowing us to reproduce these pictures.  Please visit his Flickr stream where you will find many other Lego creations.