3 October 2010

Cool Han Solo Graffiti

Spotted in Krakow, Poland recently - just about the coolest Han Solo graffiti you will ever see.  The slogan reads Sometimes Antisocial But Always Antifascis(t).  We are not sure who has done this (in fact we have no idea) but would be grateful if one of our Polish readers could perhaps recognise and tell us what the symbol to his right means.

We suspect it is probably a slightly left leaning organisation and one perhaps which has a large contingent of Star Wars fans among its ranks.  We hope - no, expect - that its politics are as cool as its street art.  However, that aside - if there was ever a sentence which summed up Han Solo, then this is probably it.

We are also keeping our fingers crossed that the t missing in the word antifascis on the graffiti is because that is the way that the word in written in Polish and the artist slipped in to his own language for a second.  It would be a shame if such a cool piece of street art was left unfinished because of a tap on the shoulder by a member of the Polish Police Force.

Many thanks to Benno Hansen, the Flickr user who took this picture (his name sounds like a Star Wars character in itself, don't you think?).

Oops.  The symbol wasn't that of a Polish political movement but it is in fact the an insignia known as the Alliance Starbird or Phoenix. It is the symbol of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Thanks to the first commenter below - and apologies for the senior moment!