26 October 2010

The Birds: Hitchcock's Prequel Rediscovered after 47 Years

Alfred Hitchcock was known to experiment with different and new ways of making movies and this is a prime example. When a movie is successful these days there are not only sequels but quite often prequels too. This is just one example - and it looks as if it is going to be just as good as the original. Languising in the vaults for years this could prove to be Alfred Hitchcock's lost masterpiece that the world has been wondering about for so long.

Shot back to back with the original in 1963 Hitchock experimented with this way of making films decades before Peter Jackson did it with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, the studio at the time thought that the audience would tire of two films on the same subject and mothballed the project, releasing what they thought would be the more luvrative of the two movies.

Its filming and very existence was clouded in such secrecy that it had almost come to be thought of as simply one of those Hollywood legends until it was recently rediscoverd. Now it has been found again it is hoped that it will gain at least the reputation of the film that was released in its place.