24 October 2010


Have you ever needed to make a really important phonecall really quickly and then been held in a really irritating holding queue with an automated voice for company?  If so then you will appreciate (and perhaps commiserate) with the protaganist, the numerically named 4511, of this very funny animated short by Anzovin Studio.

Here a regular Starship Trooper finds himself in a sticky situation and to avoid an even stickier ends he decides to call for an extraction team.  You can guess what happens next!  This is a highly enjoyable two minute which combines science fiction, comedy and animation with panache and flair.  It also plays nicely with the visual style of fps video game cut scenes.

Anzovin was founded ten years ago by the father and son team of Steve and Raf Anzovin with a remit to create CG character animation.  Their studio is based in the high-tech and cultural center of the Pionerr Valley in Massachussets.   They have worked with Intel, Lego and Microsoft among others.