9 October 2010

Cool Star Wars Graffiti

Star Wars has embedded itself in to public consciousness throughout the world.   It has also served as inspiration for artists who have grown up with the movies and ultimately develop their own artistic take, not always it has to be said in a strictly legal manner.  Graffiti is loved by some and loathed by many but it would have to be a hard hearted Star Wars fan who didn't crack a smile when confronted with these. Here is a brief whistle stop tour of the coolest Star Wars graffiti we could find.

These Walkers can be found in Brighton, Massachussets.  As you can see from the car and the passervy the scale is grand.  Plus the walkers seem to have discovered their own sense of urban street style, being somewhat blinged up to say the very least.

Sometimes fun can be had with a little movie mix and match.  Here is Harry Fett, for example, the illegitimate child of Boba and the Dirty One.  It is to be found in Brisol, UK (also home of uber street artist Banksy).  Whether Harry had Boba's head place on him at a later date or if this was the original idea is unknown.  Either way, it has no doubt made the day of a number of people.

These Reservoir Storm Troopers are in the Waterloo area of London, UK.  We really shouldn't give Tarantino ideas, though.

Darth Vader makes his inevitable appearance in Atlanta, Georgia. The outsretched hand means there is only one thing he can be about to say...

...you guessed it.

There is only one Star Wars King of Cool, however.  This Han can be found in Leon, Spain.

Returning briefly to Brighton, MA, Han acknowledges his position as coolest being in the galaxy with his usual taciturn monosyllabism.

There must be something about Star Wars and towns with the name of Brighton.  Here is Yoda, in the sunny (sometimes) English coastal resort of Brighton.  The detail is incredible.

Pensacola, Florida is the home of this Walker, given something of a cowboy motif.

Always remember - Chewie is your friend.

The residents of Olympia, Washington have this more old school graffiti rendition of the cast of the Star Wars movies.

You would have to visit Athens in Greece is you hanted to see this piece of street art.

Perhaps the best of the set - and previously featured on Kuriositas here.  Found in Krakow, Poland, Han is sometimes antisocial - but always antifascist.