25 October 2010

The Cousin Tree

If like me you come from a family with many branches it is sometimes difficult to remember who is what - certainly when it comes to the exact familial relationship that you have with them.  For example, if my Grandfather's sister had a child and that child had a child, what relationship does their child have with me?  Would they be a first cousin once removed or a second cousin?  It can all get quite bewildering, especially when you get in to the realms of things like first cousin twice removed and second cousin once removed.  For pity's sake!

(How did this picure of the day of the dead get here?)

So, imagine my relief when I was mooching around Wikimedia (hey, we all have to have our hobbies and serial killing, frankly, wasn't me) and I came across this.  It is a Cousin Tree which is a very straightforward way of finding who is who in your family in terms of their relationship with you.  To avoid confusion it starts with the straightforward (I am your father, Luke RJ!) and then goes on to the more complicated relationships, like who is your great grandmother's sister's great grandchild in relation to your good self (that would be your third cousin).

Finally, a simple diagram that maps out who is who in a family - this may well alter the pecking order chez Kuriositas on a permanant basis.  I will be printing a copy off in full color and taking it along to the next family wedding (most likely funeral to be frank, they always pack the old 'uns in) and shall be impressing various members of my family with my astounding in-depth knowledge of family trees, especially our own.  "Don't be silly!" I will hissper (a cross between a hiss and a whisper - and don't say you have never uttered one) during the service, "X is actually your third cousin twice removed! I mean, duh!"

Blimey - I am getting a little over excited about the prospect.  I may even have to laminate it.

Image Credit Wikimedia
Day of the dead image  Flickr User Glen's Pics