11 October 2010

The Find

This enigmatic short film by Azhur Saleem has no back story.  We are simply shown the action, almost as if it is the denouement of a much longer film.  Or perhaps the beginning. 

It is the nature of this film that the viewer can make up everything that has gone before - or after.  Possibly that is why it is so good.

A group of soldiers surround a mysterious being (again, fill in the blanks yourself as to her origins) but they find that she may be harder to corner than they at first think.

Shot over two nights on the red camera, this ambitious and exciting short film is wonderfully shot, with the actors really doing a great job considering the short space of time in which they have to establish character.

It was an entrant in the Philips Parallel Lines competition.  According to the rules of the competition, the entrants had to adhere to the a running time of three minutes and the exact six lines of dialogue provided by the organisers.  Hence why the word enigmatic is a good description of the movie.

The Find was written and directed by Azhur Saleem, an award winning filmmaker living in London. He studied at the London Film School and has been freelance since then.