27 October 2010

Leonardo da Vinci - His Women in 2.5D

I am sure that Leonardo da Vinci would never have envisaged his art being used in this manner but I would like to think (finger crossed) that he would have approved. 

This is a hypnotic piece of animation by the enigmatic Alicia7777777 (seven sevens!) and features a number of the women painted by the master during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.  All in all we get to see seven of his works in a different light than usual.

Here is the running list if you need reminding which work is which.

  • 00:03 – Mona Lisa or La Gioconda
  • 00:16 – Ginevra Benci
  • 00:29 – La belle ferronnière
  • 00:43 – Lady with an Ermine
  • 00:57 – Madonna Litta
  • 01:11 – Madonna mit der Nelke (Madonne à l'enfant)
  • 01:28 – Benois Madonna
If you like this then you may very well want to visit Alicia7777777's Vimeo page where she has a series of equally entrancing animations.  There she take son the likes of Salvador Dali, Vermeer and El Greco among a number of others.  Strange, fascinating and delightful work.