21 October 2010

The Earthday Card

This is just lovely.  A combination of stop motion and After Effects animation (which doesn't always work, believe me) this works a treat.  The premise is simple - a message to yourself and your friends all collected together in to an Earthday Card.

Collectively we have spoiled the planet upon which we depend for our food and our health.  This short animation sends us the message that together with our friends (from all the nations) we can put things right.  It is a very optimistic - some would say overly so - view of the world and the problems it faces but as the recent Chilean miner incident has shown we all need a positive message every now and again.

Created by the very talented Anita Sancha, this animation is a lovely remedy to the autumnal blues and it the message it passes from one to another is that with teamwork we can salvage planet Earth.  Just lovely.