25 October 2010

AIDS - Graffiti Animation Scores

The issue of AIDS is still huge, despite the fact that the media do not seem to be paying it a huge amount of attention recently.  However, people are still getting the virus and are still getting ill and are still dying - so I do not make any apologies for presenting you this short animation, made for the French market, which some of you may judge as a little OTT for Kuriositas.

However, please, if you are offended by things of a suggestive, saucy or ribald nature then do not click on the play button of this video.

However, if you like seeing humor used as a way of getting across a very important public health  message, then click play now.  This is a clever piece of animation - and not done on the cheap either - which uses a piece of graffiti (the type seen at least since the days of Pompeii) to deliver the message - by making it come alive.  It (let's call the young lad Dick) doesn't get to deliver its, er, message until it learns a particular lesson.

This is, I think, the kind of sexual health message that would get the point across to its chosen demographic (young, dumb and full of aplomb) and by doing so it might derail the sensibilities of an older generation or those inclined to prudery.  Produced by the French agency TBWA PARIS, it was directed by the very talented Yoann Lemoine