26 October 2010

ROA’s Rabbit in a Stew

For some it is simply graffiti and should be treated as such – painted over and forgotten about. For others, ROA the secretive Belgian street artist left something remarkable on Hackney High Street last year which should be preserved.

When he exhibited his work in Hackney, London last year the artist asked the owners of a recording studio if he could leave a memento on the wall of their premises. They agreed and so the rabbit took shape. However, Hackney Council has now served the owners with a removal notice.

They have 14 days to do it themselves otherwise the council will ask a contractor to come along and remove or obliterated the graffiti. The building’s owners are horrified (as are we at Kuriositas Towers to be honest) that the street art has been condemned so blithely by a local authority which depends financially to an extent on those who come to see its street art. Perhaps they might send the contractors out to clean the streets for the same amount of time - it could be argued that the pavements of Hackney would be better served by this than a certain wall by paint.

Sadly, it looks likely that the rabbit will end up being removed. Only last year a Banksy piece of the royal family which had been present for almost ten years was painted over by the London council. Philistines.

Watch out for our forthcoming piece on ROA!