24 October 2010

95ers: Echoes - Uber Cool Ultra Indie Film Making

You should really take a look at this if you are interested in science fiction, independent film making – or indeed both. You wouldn’t want to feel left out when everyone else is talking about this, would you? In fact, you should probably be the first to talk about this.

95ers: Echoes is an ultra independent film making project. Driven by Tom Durham (the Director) and his wife Ali (who plays the lead role in the movie) this is as near to the definition of a labor of love that I have ever come across. For four years they have been working on this project and now the movie is almost completely finished. The sneak previews of the movie look like it will be something special – particularly because of (or perhaps, with apologies, despite) its ultra indie roots. The quality looks like mainstream film making and this project could really, really work.

The plot is classic science fiction fare. Sally (above) can rewind time a few seconds. Moment can be redone until they come out the way that she wants them.  As you can imagine this talent can come in handy. She works at the FBI and her life is under control not least because of this ability she has had since she was a child. However her scientist husband mysteriously disappears and then strangers appear who seem to know her abilities, possess technology from beyond our time and they soon determine their target – Sally herself. She must find the truth about what is going on before the very fabric of her being fades to nothing.

The story of the making of the movie could almost be a movie in itself. They had no money, no time and no friends in high places – certainly three prerequisites for getting a movie made these days (well, at any point in the history of cinema to be honest).

As well as that, this husband and wife team has four children, full time jobs and responsibilities. It must have taken an incredible amount of self-belief to get this far and they do come across as people who are totally sold on their own idea which is the first step in making it so (sorry, Jean Luc). The movie has represented a very long and hard road for both of them , involving guerilla shooting, going broke, grey hairs in abundance (so they say, they both look glowingly healthy!) – yet it still needs an extra push to get there. Let’s hand over to them to explain the situation.

The movie is now in post production, thanks to lots of things including a second mortgage not to mention generous family members. Tom and Ali are still looking for sponsors to help out with this final part of the project - as well as for people to simply spread the word.

For more information, take a look at their 95ers website. There is lots of information there about the project as a whole as well as how you can donate.  The pair are not asking for something for nothing, however.  There are loads of goodies that you can get by donating.  An evening out with Ali is not one of them - before you ask, gentlemen!