22 October 2010

Atlantis - An Inconvenient Truth

It is true that empires can rise on fall over the smallest of things, the introduction of a new disease, a few solar flares - that is all it takes. Here, we may be seeing the real inconvenient truth about how Atlantis perished.  This is a hugely enjoyable animated short, made all the more enjoyable in my opinion by the fact that so very little happens in it.

Where you may expect the full treatment when it comes to an animation about this particular lost city, all we get is a quiet and sometimes contemplative theory about its demise.  A single character, a single error - and that is all.  Of course, what helps the film run smoothly is the wonderful, Steampunk design of the main character and his environs.

Created by Simon Prager, Christopher Hempelm Christian Stadach and Martin Köhler, this animation was entered for the Steampunk Challenge on cgssocieyt.org.  Quite rightly, this won the Team Entry Excellence Award.