21 November 2010

What to do if You Lose Your Unicorn

These things can happen and it is most important that you do not react with panic. Stay calm and, to begin with, search your neighborhood for your missing unicorn. If that fails then you can always try to inform the authorities but you must be aware here that many people (for whatever bizarre reasons) regard the unicorn as a mythical beast and so eyebrows may be raised and men in white coats called if you report your unicorn as mysteriously gone astray.

You could widen your search to include favorite places that you visited together. That beautiful beach with the amazing surf in which Trixie had so much fun galloping and gamboling for example, may well be where she has headed. Through this all, however, stay calm. It may simply be that she has been called to perform a small service for a white wizard and will return in the very near future.

If none of these things happen and your search remains fruitless, then you may have to resort to that time honored method of retrieving lost unicorns, the plea-for-help poster. A photo, a brief description and a heartfelt plea may jog the memories of those who may have seen her disappear in a puff of (magic) smoke akin to the characters in the Missing TV show but only more, well, magically.