29 November 2010

First Contact

If you have been wondering why the number of UFO sightings have been decreasing recently, you don't have to go any further than this explanation.

Alien life does exist out there, but due to one errant member of the team dispatched to our planet we will probably never come face to face (or even cheek to cheek) with it ever again.

This is an extremely well made and scripted short animation by a group of students at the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a CGI-Live action integration short film from the second year of the Advanced 3D Productions programme there and I for one am deeply impressed with this piece of work. It is a whole lot better than any number of professional animations we see, let alone for a short animation created by undergrauates.

Blown away is not the word for it.  The animation is great but what really hits the mark for me is the script which is very funny and very understated.  My favorite line in the whole movie is We don’t travel millions of light years to stick something up other species’ rear ends.

Now that had me laughing.