20 November 2010

The UK's Tallest Bridge - 3D Animation Plan

The city of Sunderland has approved the plans for the tallest bridge in England - or the UK for that matter.  When it is built the £140m structure will be 614 feet in height – that is 187 meters.  It will be long too, with 1,100 feet of span (that is 336 meters).

It will link Pallion New Road on the south side of the River Wear with Wessington Way on the North.  It is hoped that the construction of the bridge will begin in 2012 with the bridge opening to traffic sometime in 2015.

It is being built both to ease the current congestion in the city and to open up new areas in its periphery for urban regeneration.  Not only will that of course, but the whole area will have an amazing new landmark, visible for many miles around.

It has already been dubbed ‘the People’s Bridge’ but time will surely allow a better nickname than that.  We at Kuriositas would like to propose the Knitting Needles as its popularl name,  but no doubt the good people of Sunderland will come up with something better than that.

After the city council has secured the land on either side and received the final go ahead for the UK’s Department for Transport building will commence.  In the meantime, to get an idea of what the bridge will look like, we have this very cool video.

The film was created by the British production agency 3dcom and it demonstrates fully the possibility of tracking.  The film is made of both live video which was shot from a bird's eye helicopter and 3D animation.  The result is almost seamless and gives us a great idea what the completed bridge – the highest in the United Kingdom – will look like.